Kate H. Ruckman

402 Madison
San Antonio, TX 78204
tel) 210-225-6903

Fiscal Affairs
Information Systems Assistant

Trinity University
715 Stadium Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78212-7200

Phone: (210) 999-8006
Fax: (210) 999-8288

email: kruckman@trinity.edu


Dartmouth College : CIS

Class of 1983 Alumni

Kate H. Ruckman

I’m back in San Antonio and working in the Fiscal Affairs Office at my other alma mater, Trinity University, as a sort of liaison between the accounting-types here and the programmers at the computer center. I suppose the project I’m most proud of is my house – I bought and restored a Victorian home in San Antonio’s King William Historic district about 10 years ago and really love it and have been active in my neighborhood association. I also enjoy quilting, traveling (especially to England), and my 3 cats and 1 Doberman (and yes, the cats HATE the Doberman, although she really just wants to play with them.




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