** This snippet checks incoming UserAgent against a known bot list, and time-stamps the visit if a match. The admin page botspottingadmin.mgi should be visited first to generate the database, and this code should only be used occasionally for bot sniffing -- as the database could potentially balloon on heavy traffice sites. To prevent runaway monitoring, we recommend using an include on the desired monitored page like this where the day of data collection is in the form of yyyymmdd: 20040707 psv ** AbachoBOT abcdatos_botlink AESOP_com_SpiderMan ah-ha.com crawler ia_archiver Scooter Mercator Scooter2_Mercator_3-1.0 roach.smo.av.com-1.0 AltaVista-Intranet FAST-WebCrawler Wget Acoon Robot antibot Atomz Buscaplus Robi CanSeek ChristCRAWLER Crawler RaBot contact/jylee@kies.co.kr RaBot DeepIndex DittoSpyder Jack Speedy Spider ArchitextSpider ArchitectSpider Arachnoidea EZResult Fast PartnerSite Crawler FAST Data Search Crawler KIT-Fireball GalaxyBot geckobot (Genealogical Search Engine) Googlebot moget/2.0 Aranha Slurp.so/1.0 Slurp/2.0j Slurp/2.0-KiteHourly Slurp/2.0-OwlWeekly Slurp/3.0-AU Hubater (research centre) IlTrovatore-Setaccio IncyWincy UltraSeek InfoSeek Sidewinder Mole2/1.0 MP3Bot C-PBWF-ip3000.com-crawler kuloko-bot/0.2 LNSpiderguy NetResearchServer MantraAgent NetResearchServer Lycos_Spider_(T-Rex) HenryTheMiragoRobot MSNBOT/0.1 Gulliver PicoSearch PJspider nttdirectory_robot griffon Spider/maxbot.com gazz/1.0 NationalDirectory-SuperSpider dloader(NaverRobot) Openfind piranha,Shark Openbot psbot CrawlerBoy Pinpoint.com AlkalineBOT Fluffy the spider Scrubby asterias speedfind ramBot xtreme Kototoi/0.1 Searchspider SightQuestBot Surfnomore Spider v1.1 teoma_agent1 ESISmartSpider Tutorial Crawler UK Searcher Spider appie Nazilla marvin/infoseek MuscatFerret WhizBang! Lab ZyBorg WIRE WebRefiner: WSCbot Yandex pet-based search engine libwww-perl Iron33